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To The Sky – Planted Aquarium for Betta



Aquarium: ┬áNano Cube – 12 X 12 X 12 Inch
Volume: 28 L
Light: 15W
Substrate: ADA Amazonia Soil &

Substrate Power Booster – Super 4W

Decoration: Driftwood,Small rocks & 4 plant varieties
Filter: Nano HOB Filter
CO2: ISTA Nano Canister
Fertiliser (weekly): Specialised fertiliser – Macro & Micro 30ml each
Maintenance 30mint max

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A beautiful green Planted Aquarium for Betta that feels very natural.This aquascape is based on the idea of fallen branches trying to reach the sky. Mosses and ferns were used exclusively in this setup to create a textural appearance in keeping with the very small size of the tank. The Moss was attached to the driftwood. The planting process and design chosen that would thrive with very economic CO2 injection and lighting system.

The layout is simple, using just few piece of driftwood and only three to four species of plants. Planting and maintenance is easy to carry out, with weekly pruning and water change taking just over 30 minutes.

Ideal aquarium design setup for Betta Fish. This planted aquarium comes with all required accessories. You have almost zero maintenance for the setup.

Your would love to play around !!

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