Lionhead Goldfish

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The Lionhead is another of the fancy goldfish with a hooded head. Bred in China, they developed it to resemble the mythical Chinese lion-dog. Its known for this distinctive red colored head gear. While some Lionheads will have an abundance of growth, some will have barely any at all. Lionhead goldfish don’t sport as curved a back as some of the species of fancy goldfish and they have no dorsal fin, so they tend to look a bit clumsy in the tank.

Lionheads are omnivores and should be fed a very healthy diet to keep them happy. They require at the very least a good quality flake food. Feeding small amounts 3 times a day will ensure that all the food is consumed and none drops to the bottom to rot. You can also feed freeze-dried brine shrimp, blood worms, tubifex worms and krill. People have also been known to buy fresh vegetables such as cucumber, kale, lettuce and cantaloupe. You will want to finely dice any fresh food you feed them so that they can consume it without choking.

For a tank set-up, you will want at least a 10 gallon one to start with. That will be sufficient room for one. The shape of the tank is important as well. Because Lionheads surface to grab a gulp of oxygen, you want a tank that has a lot of surface area. A tall tank is less useful than a flat tank. If you choose to have more than one fish in your tank, plan accordingly. For each inch of fish, add one gallon to the base tank size. Be careful as well what other species of fish you add in. Because the Lionhead is a gentle, non-aggressive fish, you’ll want to find others to add in that have the same characteristics.

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