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The Combtail is a cross of a Crowntail and another tail type. With selected breeding a Combtail can be bred into a Crowntail, but may still carry a dominant gene such as the Veil Tail. They often have the typical droop of the Veil tail but combined with some extended rays on all fins to varying degrees.

Here are some interesting traits that could help identify a Combtail betta fish:

  • First and foremost, the main trait that helps to identify it is that the edge of the fins looks almost like a comb.
  • Its tail spreads as wide as that as a Halfmoon but with a lot less smoother edges. There are some Halfmoons, however, that have fringes, but if it looks like fur rather than a more pronounced comb, then it is not a Combtail.
  • It looks like a Crowntail but with less extended spikes, fringes, or rays.
  • The splits between each ray should be drastic enough to be seen from afar. The splits should be at least a third from where it begins all the way to the tip, whereas a Crowntail’s splits are so drastic that it covers the outer half of its fins.

Interesting facts about the Combtail Betta Fish

  • The Combtail is also referred to as the Half Sun betta.
  • It is quite questionable as to how the Combtail came to be. It is believed to have been bred from a Crowntail and another type of Betta, hence, the more subtle tail edge. Others say it is indeed a bred type but that the Crowntail was actually an improved version of it. Of course there are some who think that the rays that extend past the edges of its fins are naturally occurring.
  • The rays of the Combtail’s fins also come in a variety of shapes. There are some that seem to split at the tip, like a fork. There are also the more common shapes like pointed and rounded.

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